STEPS update offered

Published 2:30 pm Thursday, December 21, 2017

Prince Edward County Administrator Wade Bartlett offered an update regarding a renovation of the STEPS, Inc. facility at the Dec. 12 Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors meeting. At its conclusion the facility, located at 100 Industrial Park Road, which will see a new home for the county’s social services department and approximately 50,000 square feet of space which can be marketed to companies looking to expand and create jobs in the county, 

Wade Bartlett

“The architect conducted a walkthrough of the STEPS building on Nov. 22,” Bartlett said. “He spent several hours in the building taking detailed measurements and (making) visual inspections of the facility.”

Bartlett said on Nov. 29, the architect reviewed the revised scope of work for the courthouse and the work required at the STEPS building.

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“In addition, the architect met with the director of social services to interview her on the needs of that department,” Bartlett said. “On Nov. 30 we met with a contractor at the STEPS building to view the interior of the building and discuss roofing issues.”

He said on Dec. 5 he accompanied the roofing consultant used for both the school roofing contract and the courthouse roofing contract for a review of the STEPS roof.

According to an agenda document for the Dec. 12 meeting, in order for the STEPS/county project to move forward, the roof of the facility needed to be inspected and a plan of action developed. A recommendation was also to be made.

A proposal of $4,500 for those services was made by Rob Moore of Six Sides Building Enclosure Consulting. A motion was voted on unanimously to move forward with the inspection.