Parade winners announced

Published 11:12 am Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Farmville Jaycees would like to thank the town, all our sponsors, the community and all those that took part in helping make the Christmas parade a success.

Without everyone’s continued support, the parade would not be possible. We also appreciated having Santa and Mrs. Claus join us again this year where a donation will be made to Alms House on their behalf. We hope everyone has joyous Holiday Season.

Below is the list of Christmas Parade winners and will be awarded the following:

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1. Prince Edward County High School Marching Eagles, $100

2. Fuqua School Marching Band, $100

3. Cumberland Middle School Marching Band, $100


1. Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue Squad, $100

2. VA Smoove Rydaz MC/SC (Motorcycle and Social Club), $75

3. Crossroads, $50


1. Fishin’ Pig, $100

2. Centra Southside Community Hospital, $75

3. Centra Stroobants Cardiovascular Center, $50


1. Safe Haven Horse Rescue, $100

2. Tom Mix Rangers, $75

3. Equine Fun & Parties, $50