Fuqua fifth-graders write their own original books

Published 10:36 am Thursday, December 7, 2017

Fuqua School fifth-graders have been very busy over the last month writing and illustrating their own original books. Krystal Tucker took on this task with her students as part of enhancing their language arts curriculum. The children first developed their stories then were visited by local artist Audrey Sullivan, owner of Red Door 104, to create illustrations. Sullivan began with teaching the students about storyboards, sketching out basic illustrations and how to determine what parts of a story are best for creating illustrations. She visited with the fifth- graders for a total of four classes over the course of a month. Sullivan worked both with the group and individually with the children to hone in their artistic abilities. She worked closely with Mrs. Tucker in assisting the children as their stories took shape and as the illustrations became more apparent. This will be an ongoing venture for the fifth-graders who have shown much excitement over this special project. We are grateful to Sullivan for sharing her time and talents with Fuqua School.

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