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Commending the Food Hub

We commend members of the Southside Virginia Food Hub (SVFH) for the work they’ve done so far to give farmers throughout the Heart of Virginia another resource to get their produce into the marketplace.

According to Ann Taylor-Wright, founder of the nonprofit organization that’s set to begin operations in June of 2018, the program will provide an indoor venue and commercial kitchen for farmers in the region to prepare and sell their products with more resources than they may have had at an area farmers market.

Taylor-Wright said she grew up working on her family farm, and noticed when she became older and continued working in agriculture and meat production with her husband and three kids, that four hours on a Saturday morning wasn’t cutting it for area farmers to make a profit and help their families.

She said the Food Hub involves a board of roughly 14 people from around the region, whose agriculture experience ranges from produce, to meats, to dairy, greenhouse plants and business, including a representative from the Virginia Growth Alliance. Members of the board include Red Oak resident Jacqueline Moyer, who runs organic farm Old Crowe Farm.

Taylor-Wright said the Food Hub will include a commercial kitchen where participants can use the facility to prepare their produce, meats and other foods.

She said barcodes will be placed on the items to track each product sold, in addition to the farm where the produce came from. Proceeds will go to the farmers who provided the produce.

The work SVFH aims to do will not only bolster the economy, it will allow greater access to produce in areas where food deserts are all too prevalent. Taylor-Wright and those involved in this endeavor are working hard to make the region a better place and we commend them on their efforts.