Carter to leave county

Published 8:17 am Friday, December 15, 2017

Cumberland County Planning and Zoning Director Sara Carter will be leaving the county to serve as Town Manager in the Town of Amherst.

“I signed a contract last night to be the new Town Manager in Amherst,” Carter said in an email interview Thursday. “I will begin full-time there on Jan. 10.”

The Town of Amherst is the county seat for Amherst County, located near Lynchburg. Amherst County has a population of approximately 31,633, according to 2016 population estimates from the U.S. Census.

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Carter said she has worked in Cumberland County for nearly four years.

Board Chairman Kevin Ingle made an announcement about the departure during a Tuesday Board of Supervisors meeting.

Ingle noted that Carter has helped guide members of the board through various property and zoning issues.

“She’s been very instrumental in the success we’ve had over the past few years,” Ingle said. “She’s got some news, and she’s moving onto bigger and better things.”

“We do appreciate everything, all of the effort, that she’s put in Cumberland County,” Ingle said.

Members of the board and the audience applauded following Ingle’s statement.

Carter thanked members of the county.

“I’ve been very thankful for my time here,” Carter said. “This has been a very warm and welcoming community, and I’ll be incredibly privileged if my next community is as kind to me as Cumberland has been.”

“We wish you all the best,” Ingle said.

Carter said after the Tuesday meeting that she could not disclose the nature of the new job until she had received confirmation from the organization.

Carter said that her last day in Cumberland County would be Jan. 8, on the day of the Cumberland County Planning Commission meeting.