Stick with us for election results tonight

Published 7:11 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Herald will be updating results from the polls in Buckingham, Cumberland and Prince Edward counties tonight. Stick with us as we update in real time.


Results from 11 of 11 precincts 

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Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors

Buffalo Heights District 501

Three of three precincts reporting

C.R. “Bob” Timmons Jr., 96.87percent, 526 votes

Write-in, 3.10 percent, 16 votes

Leigh District 301

Three of three precincts reporting

Jerry R. Townsend, 97.84 percent, 724 votes

Write-in, 2.16 percent, 16 votes

Prospect District 601

Two of two precincts reporting

Calvin L. Gray, 49.66 percent, 439 votes

J. David Emert, 50.23 percent, 444 votes

Farmville District 701

Two of two precincts reporting

Jim Wilck, 96.73 percent, 562 votes

Write-in, 3.17 percent, 17 votes

Prince Edward County School Board

Leigh District 301

One of three districts reporting

Dr. Timothy Wiley Corbett, 98.44 percent, 631 votes

Write-in, 1.56 percent, 10 votes

Buffalo District 501

Two of three precincts reporting

Lucy Carson, 97.95 percent, 526 votes

Write-in, 2.05 percent, 11 votes

Prospect District 601

One of two precincts reporting

Elzora Glenice Stiff, 58.29 percent, 478 votes

Dione Scott Jennings, 39.88 percent, 327 votes

Write-in, 1.83 percent, 15 votes

Farmville District 701

One of two precincts reporting

Cainan D. Townsend, 98.63 percent, 578 votes

Write-in, 1.37 percent, eight votes


60th District 

20 of 44 precincts reporting

Del. James E. Edmunds II (R), received 58.81 percent of the vote, with 5,466 votes.

Jamaal M. Johnston (D), has received 41.05 percent of the vote, with 3,815 votes.

59th District

20 of 45 precincts reporting

Tracy L. Carver, (D) received 34.82 percent of the vote, with 2,698 vote

Del. Matthew Fariss (R) received 66.89 percent of the vote, with 6,158 votes.

Marcus T. Sutphin (G) received 1.09 percent of the vote, with 100 votes.

David Wade Ball (I) received 2.52 percent of the vote, with 232 votes.

Write-ins received 0.20 percent of the vote, with 18 votes.

Unofficial results provided by the Virginia Department of Elections.