Hearing set for Wednesday

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Farmville Town Council will hold a public hearing Wednesday at 7 p.m. regarding the request of Eric Arthur Jr. to construct a seven unit apartment complex on Cedar Avenue. According to the hearing notice, the property is zoned Residential District R-3 and allows for multifamily dwellings with a conditional use permit.

J.J. “Jamie” Davis

“The concern to me, and it’s just aesthetically, which I know obviously is a big, you know, Second Street is a very heavily used street in our town it will be right on Second Street, right there in the corner of Cedar (Avenue) and Second (Street),” said Ward E Council Member J.J. “Jamie” Davis at the Nov. 1 work session. “The exterior didn’t give any specifics on what type of exteriors… what type of materials or anything like that… It didn’t quite look like the other houses that are right there in that area…”

He said the complex looks, “real plain,” compared to other houses that will surround the unit, they are cottage looking homes. Davis said he didn’t know if there were conditions with the permit that would interfere with the exterior. Ward B Council Member Sally B.

Sally Thompson

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Thompson said the main thing would be the height and the density.

“How many people can get in that area, I don’t think we can tell you specifics as to what type of architecture you have to use,” Thompson said.

The planning commission approved recommending to the council to approve the permit with no restrictions or recommendations on it.