Foundation seeks to give

Published 2:54 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Carl U. Eggleston Foundation, in conjunction with the Prince Edward County Elks Lodge, will be holding a toy drive for underserved children at 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24. According to Carl Eggleston, founder of the foundation, the organization has held the toy drive for approximately 12 years.

“I felt that Christmas is a time that parents, you know, they have the tax bill, they’re beginning heating bills and they have those expenses that it’s very difficult for you, like a single parent, a mother probably has two or three kids and to pay those bills and then the children are lacking because the money is going toward heating and all,” Eggleston said regarding what started the toy drive.

He said the Lord placed the idea on his heart years ago when he heard someone was doing a drive in Florida.

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“A guy was doing it down there and I thought, ‘that’s something I need to bring to this back to the community,’” Eggleston said.

He said he did it by himself for a while before asking the Prince Edward County Elks Lodge to partner with him for the drive, noting that they have agreed for this year to give $1,000.

“So I list them as a co-partner, or a partner, whatever you want to call it,” Eggleston said.

He said they gave at least 200 gifts last year, which might have even been more than 300 but given the amount of stuff it was more difficult to keep up with counting everything.

Eggleston said most of the time the foundation encourages people to give used bicycles that are not in current use. He said the Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Department and the Farmville Police Department are helpful in supporting the efforts, noting that Farmville Police Chief A.Q. “Andy” Ellington has bought new bicycles to be given in past years.

“The police have been real nice about giving us stuff they recover from, I guess I’m not sure stolen or whatever, they can’t find who it belongs to,” Eggleston said. “They’ve been good about giving us things like that.”

He said it’s a matter of collecting toys, new and used.

“Or if somebody wants to make a contribution to be used for this particular endeavor to buy toys,” Eggleston said. “If they want to give toys I recommend they drop it off at my office which is 914 S. Main St., or they can bring it to the event but it’s kind of hard to try (and) lug stuff in and give it out at the same time.”

Those who are looking to contribute are asked to make checks out to the Carl U. Eggleston Foundation which can be mailed to P.O. Box 548, Farmville, Va 23901.

“I’d like for them to put in the memo, ‘toys,’” Eggleston said. “They don’t have to but we also do the back to school supplies but most of them at this point of time I think would want it to go for Christmas.”

He noted that the organization is a nonprofit and is completely organized by volunteers.

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