A model of consistency

Published 10:20 am Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I’d like to commend Ben Manis for the consistency of his success over the five years he has served as head varsity football coach at Fuqua School.

The Falcons made it the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association Division III state championship game this year. This was the third time they have appeared in a state title game in the past five years.

Vying for the title Nov. 17, the Falcons played a competitive game against host Roanoke Catholic School, the defending champions which had not lost a game since Aug. 26, 2016. The Celtics ultimately defeated the Falcons 51-36.

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After the game, Manis noted he has only experienced the losing side of the state title game so far as coach of the Falcons.

Fuqua made it to the big game in 2013 and fell 19-13 in overtime to host Blessed Sacrament Huguenot (BSH) Catholic School. They also made it in 2014 when they lost 24-20 to visiting Roanoke Catholic.

“It stinks coming out on this side as many times as we’ve had, but how many other teams have had that opportunity?” Manis said.

It would have been good to highlight Manis’ consistent success if the Falcons had won, but I think it is even more important to do so in the wake of their loss because that defeat may make the success that much easier to unjustly overlook.

Indeed, how many other teams would love to be in the position Fuqua has frequently put itself in during the past five years?

And it is key to note that some high school teams — both private and public — feature transfer players that can significantly bolster a squad’s performance.

Manis has had only one transfer player in his time at Fuqua, largely achieving sustained success by molding the available talent at the school into winning teams.

Bravo, Coach Manis.

TITUS MOHLER is sports editor of The Farmville Herald and Farmville Newsmedia. His email address is Titus.Mohler@FarmvilleHerald.com.