Town changes speed limits

Published 12:16 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Farmville Town Council voted unanimously Oct. 11 to change speed limits throughout the Town of Farmville.

Gerald Spates

“What we’re talking about is if you go on West Third Street at the corporate limits, right now the speed limit is 45; we would like to recommend that we change that to 40,” said Town Manager Gerald Spates. “That 40 would go all the way to where you see that current 35 speed limit at Hudson Street which is the road that goes into Green Front.”

He said the speed limit would be changed to 25 mph between the bridge at Buffalo Creek up to Bridge Street at “the old rescue squad building.”

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“And then the speed limit from there up the hill would be 35 somewhere in the area near Sunchase,” Spates said. “From Sunchase it would change to 40 up near Greenhouse Road or Milnwood Road and would check over 40 till the corporate limits.”

He said the speed limit at the corporate limits would change from 45 to 40 mph upon coming into town.

“Then if you go out on South Main Street,  which is in the area where the hotels are, the Comfort Inn, that’s presently 45 mph. I would suggest that we change that

David Whitus

to 40 all the way down to Belmont Circle. It would go from 40 to 35 at Belmont Circle and then once you get down near Griffin Boulevard in the area near Wynne Drive, it would change to 25 and would carry all the way through across to the bridge over the Appomattox River,” Spates said. “Then it would go back to 35, and there’s no reason with Route 45 leaving that it’s 45.”

He said with traffic and development throughout town, he thought 45 mph throughout town is “a little bit too fast.”

Farmville Mayor David Whitus said prior to the vote that the change in speed limits could be a life saving measure.