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On rights of professional athletes


I support the professional athletes who are refusing to stand for the flag and the playing of the National Anthem. You have every right not to allow the rich owners of the teams, to which you are under contract, to force those thousands of dollars per minute on you for your performance. How dare they.

In fact, I highly recommend that you find a country whose flag and National Anthem you respect and pack up and move your family there immediately.

You have every right not to live in those nice mansions they’re forcing you to live in, drive those fancy cars they’re forcing you to drive and live the rich life they’re forcing on you. 

Never mind the millions of Americans who have fought and, in too many cases, died so that you may have the right to stand and salute or kneel in protest.

Getting killed for our nation was their problem, not yours.

And if, perchance, the country you select doesn’t have a team or league in the sport in which you excel, you might check with National Geographic. They may have a spot for you in an upcoming issue.

Furman Joye