Consistency is important

Published 2:35 pm Thursday, October 26, 2017

County departments are constantly faced with new ideas, with deciding what projects could help or hurt the county’s growth, safety and economic progress.

Supervisors of Cumberland County voiced concern of a wealth of proposals for campgrounds that are currently under consideration or have been voted in favor of during last Tuesday’s meeting. During the meeting, board members voted in favor of a campground potentially for workers of Cobbs Creek and sportsmen. One of the main concerns included ensuring that the standards applicants had to meet in order to run the campgrounds were consistent across the board.

“What bothers me is whether we are trying to set a different set of standards for this campground over what we’ve set for the other two,” District Four Supervisor David Meinhard said. “It seems to me like (members of the planning commission) are trying to do a different set of standards for this one over the others.”

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Consistency, they argued, would not only make sure that each applicant was given equal treatment and would know what to expect, but would also help both the Cumberland County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors know which applications would best help or hurt the county.

Planning Commission members have also been at work determining those qualifications. A commission meeting Monday discussed how to develop guidelines that would help commission members, board members and applicants make the most informed choices that they can.

We commend both the Cumberland Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors for tackling this challenge head on. We also commend those who spoke during the board meeting and commission meeting to voice concerns or support. Developing guidelines for recent trends can be an overwhelming process, but the commission and board demonstrated that they are taking local input and state regulation of campgrounds into account.