An Election Day overview

Published 10:23 pm Monday, October 30, 2017

Residents of the Heart of Virginia will enter polling places Nov. 7 for the gubernatorial election.

All residents will have the choice of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

The gubernatorial race will see Democratic candidate Ralph Northam running against Republican candidate Ed Gillespie and Libertarian candidate Clifford Hyra. Northam is the current Virginia lieutenant governor. Gillespie is a former chair of the Republican National Committee, served as counselor to the president during President George W. Bush’s administration and was a senior member of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. According to, Hyra owns a patent law firm — Hyra IP — and received his law degree from the George Mason School of Law in 2007.

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In the lieutenant governor’s race Democratic candidate Justin Fairfax will be running against Republican candidate Jill Vogel. According to Ballotpedia, Vogel has represented the 27th District in the Virginia State Senate since 2008. Fairfax ran for attorney general against Mark Herring in 2013 and lost. He is a former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Democratic incumbent Attorney General Mark R. Herring will be running against Republican candidate John D. Adams for the office of attorney general. Herring was elected to the office in 2013 and previously held the office of state senate representing the 33rd District. Adams previously held the position of federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office.



Voters in Buckingham will be voting for the House of Delegates seat for the 59th district. Incumbent Del. Matt Fariss, R-Campbell, will face Democrat candidate Tracy Carver, Green Party candidate Marcus Sutphin and Independent Party candidate David Wade Ball. According to a previous interview with Fariss, he ran unopposed for his seat in each race after his first in 2011. In a previous interview, Sutphin said he decided to run because he believes that the people in his district deserve someone who will look out for working families. He said issues that are important to him include anti-corruption, renewable energy, industrial hemp and the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Carver previously said his decision to run partially came about due to his activism against the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Ball, of Buckingham, previously said his decision stemmed from watching political party candidates “promise everything and do nothing.”

Voters in the Town of Dillwyn will also vote for mayor and six town council members. The mayor and town council seats are all write-in options.



District 1

New Canton Precinct: Arvonia Fire House located at 46 Boxwood Drive in Arvonia.

Georgia Creek Precinct: Centenary United Methodist Church located at 12247 S. Constitution Route in Scottsville.

District 2

White Hall Precinct: Dillwyn Rescue Squad Building located at 222 Wingo Road in Dillwyn.

District 3

Curdsville Precinct: Curdsville Community Center located at 122 School Road in Dillwyn.

New Store Precinct: Chestnut Grove Baptist Church located at 2490 Chestnut Grove Road in Appomattox.

District 4

Maysville Precinct: County Agricultural Center at 54 Administration Lane in Buckingham.

District 5

Wrights Precinct: Toga Firehouse located at 1779 Mount Rush Highway in Dillwyn.

Glenmore Precinct: Glenmore Fire Station located at 179 Firehouse Road in Buckingham.

District 6

Slate River Precinct: Masonic Lodge located at 12262 S. Constitution Highway in Scottsville.

District 7

Gold Hill Precinct: Baptist Union Baptist Church located at 127 Baptist Union Road in Dillwyn.



No local offices are being voted for in Cumberland County, however, incumbent Del. Tommy Wright, R-Lunenburg, will run unopposed in the 61st District. The Cumberland registrar’s office said those who come to vote will need to bring a photo ID and should have their voting location listed on their voter ID card.



District 101

Cartersville Rescue Squad located at 1667 Cartersville Road in Cartersville.

District 201

Cumberland Fire Department located at 30 Old Buckingham Road in Cumberland

District 301

Cumberland Community Center located at 1874 Anderson Highway in Cumberland.

District 401, 501

John Randolph Fire Station located at 2145 Cumberland Road in Farmville.


The Herald included information regarding Prince Edward County ballots and polling locations in the Oct. 27 article “Poll workers receive training.”