Time ‘for cooler heads to speak up’

Published 12:24 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I think it’s time for cooler heads to speak up. There is no doubt that the Charlottesville incident is and was a black mark on this state. However, the governor’s statements and rhetoric add a very disturbing aspect to all of it. I think some basic questions need to be asked and answered before “we leap off the cliff.”

Did the original group have a valid permit to assemble and march?  Did the anti-protesters have a valid permit for the same thing? Who initiated the violence?

I agree that there is no place in America where discrimination and hate of a person or group because of their color is appropriate. I also feel that just because a group seems to have the “political right,” trying to rewrite history is never appropriate. There are facts in our history that are abhorrent and very distasteful, but they are facts. You can’t go back now and undo them no matter how hard you try. We simply have to accept them and move on. Statues of heroes of the past certainly have a right to a prominent place in our country, and no amount of violence and “thug-like” behavior can change that.

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I feel that the “left-wing anti-protesters” (the zealots to the left of reality) were attempting to practice “censorship by mob” and this is for more dangerous than listening to a bunch of misguided hotheads. Little do they realize that censorship of a group that they don’t like today can come back to haunt them and the entire country tomorrow. The next time it may be them. The governor should certainly realize this, but he is too politically motivated to speak the truth.

As distasteful as it is to listen to a bunch of misguided hotheads (and it is), everyone needs to be smart enough to know that “freedom of speech” is a constitutionally-protected right. Even though you may think that you have the power of the press behind you, you will find that the constitutional rights are more important and precious than any “so-called right” that you may think you have at this time.

I have recently seen many instances of the print media (including this newspaper) seeming to take sides with the thugs on the left. If this type of censorship is permitted, all news media is in danger.

As usual, President Donald Trump “shot himself in the foot” when he opened his mouth in discussing this issue the second time. He is obviously a smart businessman but “dumb as a rock” when it comes to speaking about pressing issues in a manner that does not exacerbate the issue.

Furman Joye lives in Prospect. His email address is furmanjoye@centurylink.net.