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Amendment limitations are ‘tyranny’

Daniel Brickhill writes that while he supports the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it should be limited to only “progressive” views (“‘Contrary to the very intent,’” Sept. 13). 

Public educators, as of late, seem to disregard the significant fact that the First Amendment applies to everyone — and not just those who agree with a particular view.   

Students hear about white hate these days.  But do they hear about other hate being spewed at the same time?

Public educators partnering with government activists and mainstream media have done all they can to direct the thinking of our young, telling them to value ideas that align with their own one-sided views. 

What they fail to teach is the First Amendment doesn’t take sides. Instead, that amendment continues to stand tall and protects everyone who has something to say.

Mr. Brickhill, you are to be commended for being involved. 

You should continue to comment, and at the same time use diligence in reviewing all sides of the issue in order to make a sound argument and offer a sound solution. 

In spite of what you may be taught in school, or see on television or hear in the mainstream media, you can turn away from speech you do not care to hear — regardless of who happens to be speaking — even in your classroom. 

And further, if you read and understand our laws in jurisdictions across the U.S., you will realize that they already exist making it illegal to incite riots and violence.    

White hate has no place in American culture. Neither does black hate, red hate or yellow hate. 

America is a melting pot of different kinds of people from all over with different ideas. 

There are differences in all cultures, coupled with many, many, individual beliefs.  If you don’t like what you hear, turn a deaf ear.

If you don’t like what you see, turn away. 

And if you don’t like what is being said and you feel strongly enough to try and balance it, then speak up. It’s your right! And if all else fails, remember to vote (when you finally get the chance) and vote your views and for those who support those views.

There is a Constitution, and it protects free speech. 

Any attempt to limit that amendment to favor only those who happen to agree with your — or some other view point — is tyranny, and God help America if we ever go down that path.

Peter Kapuscinski lives in Buckingham County. His email address is petekap@centurylink.net.