A dual responsibility

Published 12:28 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Now that Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College students are back in town, the streets in Farmville and those in and around Prince Edward County will be much busier as their vehicles travel in and out of campus near their housing communities, around businesses and attractions.

The asphalt near campus won’t only be bustling with spinning vehicle tires, but also that of heavy foot traffic. Case in point — the 17-year-old female who was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of South Main Street and Wynne Drive last Wednesday.

Luckily, she only sustained minor injuries. The result could have been much more grave.

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In an age of constantly-evolving technology where our cell phones seem to be attached our hands as we walk and even operate our vehicles, it’s important for us to pay attention when we drive along the streets that students and staff and their visitors frequent, such as Main, High and Buffalo streets and Griffin Boulevard.

As drivers, it’s our responsibility to slow down and stop when we see people crossing the road. We also need to be patient when what may sometimes seem to be a never-ending stream of men and women make their way to classes and their homes.

At the same time, it’s equally important that pedestrians respect the fact that motorists have places to go, too. When walking along the roadway, sidewalk or crossing a busy intersection or portion of the roadway, we should use common sense not to step out in front of a fast-approaching automobile and to use designated crosswalks.

Just as we need to lessen our distractions when we’re behind the wheel, pedestrians too need to watch where they’re walking instead of texting on a cell phone, checking their email or catching up on the latest social media chatter.

The safety of our entire community — both Longwood and Hampden-Sydney students and Farmville residents — takes our united attention.