Prince Edward Arrest Report

Published 9:17 am Thursday, August 10, 2017

July 31

Stanley Robitson Baker, 59, of Pamplin, charged with sale-distribute marijuana, conspiracy to violate drug control act and two counts of manuf-sale-possession controlled substance.

Jeremiah Bernard S. Winfree, 35, of Farmville, charged with aggravated malicious wounding.

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August 1

Charlie Junior Vaughan, 48, of Green Bay, charged with contempt of court.

Janet Mclaggan Lane, 60, of Pamplin, charged with manuf-sale-poss control substance schedule I or II.

August 3

Devonte’ Vincent Wardell, 21, of Pamplin, charged with criminal show cause.

August 4

• Adams Simmons, 42, of Harrisonburg, charged with fail to appear on misdemeanor charge.

August 5

Cynthia Scruggs, 24, of Prospect, charged with without authority enter upon the land of another.

Johnnie Smith III, 28, of Richmond, charged with failure to appear for traffic summons.

August 6

Lamont Oct Shepperson-Reed, 39, of Farmville, charges unknown.