Gas tap will cost taxpayers

Published 3:49 pm Thursday, August 24, 2017


Really?! Your headline article on Aug. 18, “Gas agreement near completion,” states that “Buckingham County will contribute $260,000 as an aid in construction toward the construction of the Lateral (line).” E.M. Wright refers to this as “An Aid to Construction Agreement.”

Not only will this cost Buckingham citizens over one quarter million dollars, but also, initially, over two miles of land for pipe right of way and another compressor station.

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Kyanite Mining Corp. has operated without a pipeline and the county invested unsuccessfully in an industrial park more than 20 years ago.

The smart money is behind sustainable,  renewable energy. Amazon, for instance, is  responsible for the development of the two solar fields in eastern Buckingham County.

Think of our children’s future. Call Rebecca Carter, our county administrator, at (434) 969-4242 and let Buckingham elected officials know your thoughts and feelings about the pipe dream of investing our tax dollars and environment in outdated, fossilized energy.

Kenda Hanuman