Fuqua School hands out honors, awards

Published 1:34 pm Tuesday, August 1, 2017

At Fuqua School, the Verle V. Gordon Scholarship is awarded to a fifth-grade student who exemplifies the highest standards of citizenship, patriotism and spirit of cooperation.

“The $1,000 scholarship will be applied toward tuition at Fuqua School for the coming academic year,” officials said in the release. “This year’s recipient of the Verle V. Gordon Scholarship was Matthew Reynolds McCarty Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McCarty, of Farmville.”

Fuqua Lower School continue to celebrate the following students for their outstanding achievements.

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Fifth-grade graduates include Madeline Ann-Marie Baldwin; Aiden Robert Clements; Noah Marshall Cole; Shannon Rae Coleman; Addie Dail Gilley; Jasmine Nicole Haytasingh; Hayden Lee Hodges; Aubrie Brantley Jefferson; Harold Wolfe Landis; Matthew Reynolds McCarty Jr.; Samuel Lee Minix; Daniel Barrett Motter; Kallie Marie Norwood; Heith Dale Taylor; and Ava Luciana Thrasher.

Winners of 2016-17 Presidential Academic Excellence Awards include Aiden Clements; Noah Cole; Shannon Coleman; Marissa Dempsey; Taylor Elmore; Ella Estes; Olivia Fortune; Addie Gilley; Jasmine Haytasingh; Luke Jarrett; Aubrie Jefferson; Kaleb Knott; Carter McCarty; Sam Minix; Marina Morris; Barrett Motter; Lexi Piedra; Seth Rabon; Brandon Seiler; Ava Thrasher; and Hannah Whaley.

Winners of the 2016-17 Presidential Academic Achievement Awards include Hayden Hodges; Caroline Krouse; Luke Royall; Katherine Sadler; and Wellsley Waller.

High Academic Honors for 2016-17 went to Marissa Dempsey; Carter McCarty; Sam Minix; Seth Rabon; and Hannah Whaley.

Recipients of 2016-17 Academic Honors include Noah Cole; Shannon Coleman; Ella Estes; Marina Morris; Barrett Motter; Katherine Sadler; Brandon Seiler; Ava Thrasher; Wellsley Waller; Olivia Fortune; Addie Gilley; and Kaleb Knott.

Those receiving 2016-17 honors include Lexi Piedra; Aiden Clements; Aubrie Jefferson; Caroline Krouse; Kallie Norwood; Luke Royal; Taylor Elmore; Jasmine Haytasingh; Hayden Hodges; Luke Jarrett; and Julian Price.

The recipient of the Jump Rope For Heart Award is Aviva Bloom.

Geography Bee Awards went to Sam Minix; Kaleb Knott; Barrett Motter; and Hannah Whaley.

Spelling Bee Awards went to Marissa Dempsey; Addie Gilley; Barrett Motter; and Ava Thrasher.

Award recipients include: Science Award, Aiden Clements; Math Award, Addie Gilley; Social Studies Award, Hayden Hodges; Technology Award, Barrett Motter; Spanish Award: Madeline Baldwin, Visual Art Award, Aubrie Jefferson; Physical Education Award, Addie Gilley; Recorder Award, Marissa Dempsey; Band Award, Jasmine Haytasingh; Leadership Award, Addie Gilley; Literary Award, Carter McCarty; Youth Achievement Award, Kallie Marie Norwood; Ruritan “Good Citizenship” Award, Shannon Rae Coleman; Reading Award: Sam Minix; and  Verle V. Gordon Scholarship: Matthew Reynolds McCarty Jr.

Recipients of the 2016-17 Presidential Physical Fitness Awards include Aubrie Jefferson; Olivia Fortune; Ava Thrasher; and Noah Cole. Recipients of the 2016-17 National Physical Fitness Awards: include Jasmine Haytasingh; Barrett Motter; Shannon Coleman; Caroline Krouse; and Harold Landis.

Recipients of 2016-17 Perfect Attendance Awards include Marissa Dempsey and Kallie Norwood. SCA Awards went to President Addie Gilley; Vice President Aubrie Jefferson; Secretary Hannah Whaley; Treasurer Sam Minix and SCA Classroom Representatives Shannon Coleman; Ava Thrasher; Heith Taylor; Caroline Krouse.

Awards for Longwood Center for the Visual Arts went to Walker Hearn; Aubree Anderson; Silas Bego; Tucker Krouse; and Rudee Atkinson.