‘Deep concerns’ about apartments

Published 2:14 pm Thursday, August 3, 2017

am writing to express my deep concerns about the revised proposal for the Martin project.

The Martin proposal will build a five-story self-described student dormitory in the heart of our Farmville historic district.

It will change not only the physical landscape of my neighborhood, but also the character of the whole town.

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We have made great strides over the past many years making Farmville a more inviting and beautiful place to live.

Downtown Farmville, the Farmer’s Market and the SOUP projects are all examples of these efforts and the progress that we have made.

Tearing down Victorian homes and building a five-story student dormitory in the midst of our historic district is not progress.

The “archiengineer” who presented the proposal to the planning commission began by describing what a beautiful sight it was to see the Martin home as one perched at Griffin Boulevard. I totally agree.

Now, clear that image and imagine that you see a five-story building, close to the size of the new Hilton being built near Walmart, obstructing the view of our historic district as you crest that hill.

The changes this project would bring to the nature and character of our little town will affect Farmvillians who live three doors down (as I do) as well as Farmvillians who live on The Avenues or on Price Drive.

I have lived in this historic district 24 years, and I have witnessed the changes brought about by the ever-increasing numbers of students in our neighborhood.

I won’t bore everyone with descriptions about increases in vandalism, trash, drunk and disorderly conduct, noise pollution, fights, traffic accidents and sexual assaults, but it is clear that adding 195 more students to my block on Appomattox Street will surely increase all of these problems.

We already reached a critical mass of students living in this historic neighborhood. Where will these new extra 195 students (and their friends) park? Where will they congregate and party? Buffalo Street? High Street? The Avenues?

This proposal, as bad as it is for present-day Farmville, would also set a disastrous precedent with far-reaching effects.

Will we tear down more historic homes and have large multi-story apartment buildings springing up all along High Street? Where would it stop?

If approved, this proposal has the potential to start a domino effect with no end in sight.

I love our little town, and I encourage all Farmvillians to contact their representative on the town council to ask them to help preserve our town and the qualities that make it special for all of us and to vote against the Martin proposal.

Dan Mossler lives on Appomattox Street in Farmville. His email address is dmossler@hsc.edu.