‘Choose peace and respect’

Published 10:37 am Thursday, August 17, 2017

The riot in Charlottesville was nothing less than a tragic and disgusting act of violence brought about by hateful rhetoric and intolerance — but whose? Gangs of thugs can be blamed for the damage and harm done to each other. 

But what about those who sponsor and incite the riots? 

Who are they? Is it the media with their petty argumentative and divisive views disguised and factual news? 

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Is it some cowardly financial sponsor, too cowardly to show his or her own face at these events? 

Is it some past politician or political activist with a personal distaste for our constitutional protections, working behind the scene to incite mayhem? 

Could it be our own elected officials telling police to stand down who are inviting the trouble? 

If so, all of them are culpable and should be held accountable.

This senseless violence, the killing, the damage and the shutting down of American constitutional protections to gather and speak freely must not be understated. 

And the rioting and misbehavior will likely continue until our government leadership deals with all the culprits responsible for the chaos.

Radicals bent on destruction on every side and their supporters who incite their bad behavior must be brought to justice without prejudice.

It is not just the gangs doing the damage. 

Sponsors and spokespeople who enable these thugs to do harm, spread their vicious and most often flawed views on television and in public arenas wherever they have an opportunity to control the pulpit. 

They disguise opinions as fact. Unfortunately for all Americans, our own elected officials are among those doing the damage.   

Hateful rhetoric, petty arguing between parties, false narratives and visceral language serves only to further fuel differences. 

Anger and hate is so intense that neither party can see the other’s view point. 

Folks already prejudiced in one view or the other become further outraged listening to these speakers and their divisive views and all too often become violent.

Reasonable Americans choose peace and respect over violence. 

They want thugs who damage and do harm -— and their sponsors — handled appropriately, in accordance with laws the way they are written and not backwardly interpreted by politically motivated judges and other officials.   

Our elected leaders are responsible for the safety and well-being of American citizens. Instead, they continue their petty bickering when they should consider, and work together to resolve, issues far more important. 

They should do it now before senseless crimes against peaceful citizens become something far too significant and complex to resolve without further violence.

Peter Kapuscinski lives in Buckingham County. His email address is petekap@centurylink.net.