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Perpetuating ‘the false narrative’

There you go again (“Peca: ‘Trump cares only for himself’”). It is quite clear that you are not finished with your attempts to perpetuate the false narrative. So, I will attempt to counter each of your points:

• Trump is a traitor and even if he is not, he is “unpatriotic.” I would like to hear how “Make America Great Again” is not patriotic.  You and others who share your opinions seem unpatriotic to me, James Peca.

• Back to Russia and Vladmier Putin, are we? I am still waiting for evidence of collusion.  Putin tried to interfere with our election, but proposing that he favored Trump is nonsensical. He attempted to hack both political parties and wouldn’t a weak Hillary Clinton, who allowed Russia to own 20 percent of our uranium, suit him better? Trump supports a strong military and that is not in Putin’s best interests.

• Someone might think that you were attempting humor, regarding Trump in Moscow for the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant. But nothing so blatantly absurd can possibly be a joke. You ask, “Did Russian Security obtain information with which to ‘blackmail’ Trump?”  You state, “They ‘most likely’ spied on him.” Do you think they somehow knew that four years later he would run for president and win? 

• Regarding the Bill O’Reilly interview in February, your comments are meant to “purposely mislead.” Trump did indicate respect for Putin as a world leader. He does believe that we should work together to fight global terrorism. O’Reilly stated Putin is a killer and Trump did appear to downplay that. What Peca wrote is that he “defended Putin despite his habit of jailing or assassinating journalists who write negative articles.” Journalists were never mentioned in that interview, so no such defense could ever made.

• Sanctions are in place on Russia now. The increase, decrease or elimination of sanctions is our “bargaining chip” in negotiations with them. Russia is in an economic downturn, which further strengthens our position.

• NATO is alive and well and the president supports our participation. As far as Article Five, don’t you keep up with the latest news? Trump has “endorsed collective security.” We will stand with our allies.

• “Our decline as a superpower has begun.”  I think not. What about our ineffective and apologetic foreign policy for the past eight years? What about Benghazi? What about ISIS and the reluctance to call them “radical Islamic terrorists?” What about the unenforceable deal with Iran or the $150 billion we gave them? They “might” and are “likely” to use it to support more terrorism and to become a nuclear power.

• Banks do not “shut you out” due to bankruptcies. If Trump has foreign loans from Deutche Bank, that is both legitimate and legal. 

• You definitively state that Trump only cares about himself and his business interests. So, you are saying that he is selfish? Is that an impeachable offense? What 70 year old, both rich and influential, would want the hardest job in the world? Trump presented himself for the highest office because he saw what was happening to our country. He loves America and wants its position to be secure. “Making America Great Again” can be accomplished. We continue to be the best hope for survival of Western Civilization.

Stop using suppositions as though they were facts.

Unsubstantiated allegations serve only one purpose, which is to obstruct and subvert our legitimate government. Obstruction and subversion sound like treason to me. 

Lucy Klaus lives in Cumberland County. Her email address is lucyk3733@gmail.com.