McDonald’s set to reopen next month

Published 11:52 pm Monday, July 17, 2017

Q: Why is the McDonald’s on South Main Street closed, and when will it reopen?

Though the McDonald’s at 306 S. Main St. is closed for renovations, the four-week project is set to conclude in August, resulting in a more modern look with additional family-friendly features, according to a franchise spokesperson and the project’s contractor.

The fast food restaurant’s remodeling started July 10 and includes the interior and exterior of the business.

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Based in Farmville, Russell Enterprises — which owns and operates McDonald’s locations in Dillwyn, Appomattox and Madison Heights — is spearheading the renovations.

Venture Construction Company from Greensboro, North Carolina, is the contractor.

Angela Callaway, marketing director with Russell Enterprises, said there is no exact reopening date but estimates it will be in early August.

Callaway said there will be a grand reopening celebration where participants can win prizes and order food specials.

The store will see some technological updates, including self-ordering kiosks, Callaway said, though cashiers will also be available to take orders.

“The lobby will be completely remodeled,” Callaway said.

He said some employees at the Farmville McDonald’s are assisting in renovating the store.

Other employees had the option to work at nearby McDonald’s locations, including the store in Dillwyn.

Callaway said the Farmville McDonald’s has approximately 65 employees.

She said the employees will return in August before the store reopens and will receive a tour of the renovated McDonald’s and learn about new features.

Fred Schnitzler, project manager with Venture Construction Company, said sidewalks are being upgraded for better wheelchair accessibility.

“(There has been) mainly a lot of carpentry, finishes and stuff like that,” Schnitzler said. 

Schnitzler said he is working remotely in North Carolina, but that a supervisor, Mike Mente, is working on location.

He said Venture most recently renovated a McDonald’s in Salem, noting he has worked with renovating McDonald’s franchises for 45 years.

“They are going to change the whole exterior look and the interior look,” said Schnitzler, who added that the renovated McDonald’s will match the design of other franchises that have been recently remodeled.

He estimates about 40 people, some who are out-of-state subcontractors, are working on the restaurant’s renovation, which is expected to be a four-week project.

Callaway said the store will offer additional services for families, which include table assistance for families, new high chairs, new changing stations, bibs and kids treats among other child-friendly activities.

Callaway also cited changes to the building’s exterior and interior, saying the “newly-remodeled McDonald’s will have a fresh new look, inside and out.”