Klaus: Argument lacks integrity

Published 11:46 am Thursday, July 27, 2017

Peca, Peca, Peca. You now resort to “the little lady must be naïve” if she does not agree with you (“Peca responds to ‘the false narratives,’” July 19). It’s an offensive and sexist tactic to be sure. And the Klaus, Klaus, Klaus appears to be your very male attempt to intimidate me.

I am not intimidated. You labeled my comments as “irrelevant right-wing talking points.”

If you can’t beat ‘em, call them irrelevant.  I should not even acknowledge you. But for the sake of the people following our exchange, I will respond one more time.

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My worldview was soundly formed by a returning World War II vet, who became a New York City police officer and a housewife, who chose to be a mother.

My neighborhood was extremely diverse, and I was taught to believe in God, democracy and the rights of all people.

My education taught me “critical thinking,” so I am familiar with the tenets of socialism, communism, globalism, the new world order and capitalism. 

Angela Merkel is the world leader of her own country and no other.  Let’s remember that she was born and raised in East Germany and may not understand the West.  Our allies are pleased that we remain their allies.

Was your worldview shaped by the governmental swamp monsters in Washington, D.C.?  Are you for the status quo at all costs?  If anyone will facilitate change, it will be the deplorables.

“Make America Great Again” certainly is not a policy. It is a framework by which we make decisions for our wounded country.  If the president is a “pathological liar,” then what is Hillary Clinton and what about the Obama Administration? What about the e-mails that Clinton said she turned over to the State Department? Why are they still showing up?

Wasn’t it Barack Obama who said that we could keep our health insurance plan and keep our doctor? Is Benghazi one of my “irrelevant talking points”? What about Susan Rice making the rounds on all the Sunday news programs, falsely promulgating that the “video” was the cause? 

I could go on, but you would simply continue to perpetuate the “false narrative.”

The sources you led me to really opened my eyes. Malcolm Nance touts his military service and experience in counterterrorism, and supposedly that makes him omniscient. 

I quote him from his own book.  “…But the Russian hacks appear to have a singular goal — elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.” 

Or, “It is my hope that ‘The Plot to Hack America’ will inform the American electorate of how Russia executed a full scale and cyber war on America, starting with Watergate 2.0, to elect Donald Trump president of the United States.” Watergate? 

How were the Russians involved in the paranoia of Richard M. Nixon? Nance is a terrorism analyst for MSNBC and frequent commentator on Bill Maher’s program. He is as far left as you can get, someone who endorsed terrorism against an American president. 

In summation, I have spent enough time trying to instill some integrity into this argument. 

I concede that it is not possible with a rabid left-wing misogynist. 

LUCY KLAUS lives in Cumberland County. Her email address is lucyk3733@gmail.com.