Curious about noise ordinance

Published 12:53 pm Thursday, July 13, 2017


I know that the Town of Farmville has a noise ordinance, so I am curious. Since the weather has gotten warmer, when I go to town I always seem to get stuck at one light or another next to someone whose car stereo is so loud that even with the windows up on both cars, my rear view mirror vibrates.

I understand the tickets are probably not as profitable as speeding ticket; however, it’s incredibly annoying.

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I don’t listen to rap or country music on my radio, so why should I wish to listen to them on someone else’s? I like to believe that the police will pull one of these offenders over and cite them if they hear them, but I see a police car almost every time I go to town.

I don’t understand how they keep missing them. Just curious.

Alan Webster