Communication is key

Published 12:15 pm Monday, July 3, 2017

A well-known fact of life is the key to success in any workplace, organization, leadership position or relationship is effective and clear communication.

It’s been communicated to the Buckingham community that there are many hardworking, dedicated, loyal and tireless volunteers who want to see children be as successful as they can possibly be while participating in athletic events as part of the Buckingham County Youth League (BCYL). We believe that.

Communication among many has indicated that, for years, generations of families have made memories at the county-owned Gene Dixon Memorial Park, where, under the lights and amid the cheering of fans, young athletes make their first home runs, throw their first no-hitters, knock their first ball over the fence and — most importantly — learn to get along with others, play by the rules, treat others with respect, honesty and integrity.

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That’s what BCYL has done for many years, and we believe continues to do to this very day.

It’s important to understand that organizations and events, especially those that are solely operated and organized by volunteers, go through seasons as they seek to serve others. Membership has fallen amid numerous volunteer groups, not only across Buckingham, but the nation; people’s priorities lie elsewhere.

While we commend the hard work of leaders, officers, coaches and volunteers of the league — all of whom we think are good people — it’s clear that communication among the ranks of its leadership and the overall organization could stand to see improvement.

County Administrator Rebecca S. Carter offered some good advice to BCYL leaders June 22.

“You all are not addressing these things with each other,” Carter said. “You (all are) calling us and telling us on each other. And y’all really do need to work together. And I really think all of this could work well if you would address it to each other and work it out between yourselves.”

Games, tournaments and other events organized by the BCYL are successful, and can only improve with better communication, which would result in improving the lives of children and adults alike.