‘Balance the false narrative’

Published 12:11 pm Monday, July 3, 2017

Another letter from James Peca, another round of swipes at the president by a retired government analyst (“Trump has been in violation,” June 28).

What is the purpose behind these unsubstantiated accusations? Donald Trump is a duly-elected president, winning the electoral college per the constitution. He should have fired James Comey immediately following his inauguration. 

The Justice Department, led by the obstructionist Loretta Lynch herself, sold out to the liberal democrats. They put politics before their country. Their cry now is, “resist!” Resist what? A legitimately elected government? Laws that do not fit the liberal narrative? Free speech for those who disagree with them? The death of journalism and truth in reporting? Our sovereignty as a nation? 

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Perhaps Peca is a globalist and a proponent of open borders and an end of the greatest political experiment in history?  Perhaps he wants to continue a nanny state, where 94 million are out of the workforce, where our education can no longer compete with much of the world, where grinding poverty, crime, drugs, deteriorating housing plague our cities and spread outside the ghettos, where we shelter illegal criminals and potential terrorists at the expense of the safety of our citizens, where the military lacks the resources to defend us, where courts make the law, where opposing opinions are labeled racist, sexist or misogynistic or where civil discourse and debate are stifled.

Federal employees take an oath to uphold the constitution. But many choose not to do so. The left has been on a course to make us a third-rate power. They are attempting a “bloodless coup.” Peca does not seem to worry about that. Why should he? 

His “interpretations of the constitution” are self-serving and false narrative. The president has committed no offense by accusing a previous president, nor is running a business “taking things of value” from a foreign government. He certainly has not attempted the establishment of a religion or prohibited religious freedom in any way. 

The majority of the Muslim countries were not included in the “temporary” travel ban. The press is “free” — free to print or say anything they want, substantiated or unsubstantiated. There was no “threat or force” used with any investigation by Congress, agency or department of government. And then Peca dares to say, “treason” and to repeat that the president colluded with the Russians, although there is no evidence of such a thing. And now we know that President Barack Obama was aware of Russia’s plan to interfere in the election and politically chose to do nothing about it. 

As American citizens, we have to make every effort to balance the false narrative with only the facts and the guidance of our constitution. If not, we will lose our rights and our freedoms. Without a strong democracy like ours, the world will degenerate further into anarchy, revolution, civil war and dictatorship. Do you have enough power to survive the new world order, Mr. Peca?

Lucy Klaus lives in Cumberland County. Her email address is lucyk3733@gmail.com.