Seven guns stolen in break-in

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and police in Buckingham are investigating a breaking and entering at Millbrook Country Store on U.S. Route 15 at Sheppards where three masked individuals reportedly stole seven guns.

The incident was reported early Tuesday, according to a press release from the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Video footage of the incident, along with suspected persons of interest, can be viewed on The Herald’s website.

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“Once inside, the suspects attacked a display case and stole seven pistols,” Sheriff William G. “Billy” Kidd Jr. said in a press release. He said police “recovered video of subjects of interest who were inside the store sometime before the incident.”

The incident was reported at about 1:42 a.m., according to Kidd.

In video footage, the three broke the glass at the front of the store that faces U.S. Route 15. The masked individuals then went toward the rear of the store where the guns are kept. After attempts to break protective glass to access the handguns, one took a folding chair and made entry into a display case. The three hurriedly grabbed guns and left the building.

According to police, the ATF is offering a $2,500 reward in connection with the incident, which is being matched by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, bringing the total reward in the case to $5,000.

Anyone with information should contact the ATF’s confidential tip line at 1-888-ATF-TIPS, or 1-888-283-8477, or email Those with information can also call the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office at (434) 969-1772.

Clint Roach, owner of Millbrook Country Store, said he was appreciative of the work of the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office.

“First and foremost … I want to make sure everybody knows and understands how much I appreciate everything that the Buckingham County Sheriff’s (Office) is doing. They responded within three minutes of the time I got here,” Roach said. “We were all here within 10 minutes of the time that the alarm went off, and I think that’s tremendous in a rural area like this. The next day, they sent the investigator over right quickly,” Roach said, referencing investigator Tony Taylor.

“He has been on the track of them ever since the day it happened, and he’s been keeping me well-updated on everything, and I feel confident in what they’re doing.”

Roach said this is the first time guns have been stolen during a breaking and entering at his store.

“I do, that’s why I kind of pointed them out,” Roach said when asked if he thought the four who entered the store before the incident were persons of interest. “I felt like they were definitely people of interest … They were definitely over checking out the guns the day before. As you can see in some of the videos, they took pictures and were checking out the guns, and three of the four matched the description of the three that came in (Tuesday morning).”