‘Reconsider those signs’

Published 12:03 pm Thursday, June 8, 2017


I use that intersection on my way to work and it doesn’t bother me. There are also other routes I can select. My concern is anytime I have to go near Main Street. That is a waste of time all around.

My first question when I saw this is (sorry in advance for the sarcasm) if the town doesn’t think that our drivers can make a right on red, then how in the world can any of us use a roundabout?!

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I am slowed down needlessly on Main Street and in that vicinity because of waiting at lights with no one coming and no right turn.

I am assuming we are all paying because someone else can’t be trusted to make a safe right turn.

Reconsider those signs that babysit the public and then consider a roundabout.

P.L. Brogan