Prince Edward County Property Transfers

Published 10:07 am Thursday, June 8, 2017

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of April.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of the property and amount of consideration.

• Loren C. Orange, to Adam W. Eason, 10 Ac. Lots, Prospect District & Town of Farmville, $1,320,200.

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• David S. Pelland, to David S. Pelland, Co Trs, 1.17 Ac. Hampden District. Gift Deed.

• Tony D. Benton, to Daniel R. Longwell, 63.53 Ac. Buffalo District. $295,000.

• Anthony Quinn Martin, to Michael Wayne Martin, Lots, Lockett District. Gift Deed.

• Silva Group LLC, to Robert W. Kane, 20.17 Ac. Lockett District. $247,700.

• Silva Group LLC, to Robert W. Kane, 15.03 Ac. Lockett District. $90,000.

• Christopher J. Freel, to Gary L. Hearn, .819 Ac. Lockett District. $172,000.

• Rock River Inc, to Karren Dejarnette, .594 Ac. Town of Farmville. $204,900.

• Nevin D. Ranck, Trustee, to Doris Ranck, 5.37 Ac. Hampden District. $20,000.

• Billy Allen Franklin Jr., to Gregory  Michael Sullivan, 1.60 Ac. Farmville District, $200,000.

• Leo Clerkin, to Cynthia A. Runnells, Lot, Town of Farmville. $115,000.

• Reginald J. Redd, to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, 23 Ac. Lockett District. $2,193.75.

• Michael T. Papandrea, to Michelle Simpson, .417 Ac. Town of Farmville. $140,000.

• Charles A. Schwabe, to Ryan F. Taney, 1.88 Ac, Hampden District. $197,900.

• Ashley Neal Watson, to Kristie D. Watson, 26.19 Ac. Hampden District. Gift Deed.

• Mary C. Patterson, to Patrick Patterson, 41.8 Ac. Hampden District. Gift Deed.

• Carl J. Haskins, to Carl J. Haskins, .61 Ac. Prospect District. Gift Deed.

• Ryan Russell Stouffer, to Ryan Russell Stouffer, 3.42 Ac. Farmville District. Gift Deed.

• David A. D. Plank Jr., to David Jason Powell, 2 Ac. Prospect District. $167,000.

• Spencer Dale Curtis, to Frank Denaro III, Lot, Town of Farmville. $130,000.

• Robert Wayne Maddox, to Edna May Maddox, 5.64 Ac. Buffalo District. Gift Deed.

• Cary P. Reed, to Jackie L. Howard, 35.59 Ac. Prospect District. Gift Deed.

• Robert P. Walton, to Matthew D. Fishburn, 25.55 Ac. Hampden District. $155,000.

• RLP Investments LC, to Joshua E Amos, 26.95 Ac. Hampden District. $80,000.

• Commonwealth Asset Services, to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2 Ac. Prospect District. $49,700.

• Joyce C. Slayton, to Brian T. Atkins, 23.23 Ac. Hampden District. $50,000.

• Richard E. Palley, to Nathaniel E. Carter, 4.4 Ac. Farmville District. $299,000.

• Patricia W. Wright, to Nathaniel W. Carter, 31.95 Ac. & 3.60 Ac. Lots, Farmville District. $120,200.

• Charles Wesley Ironmonger, to Collin B. Stokes, Lots, Hampden District. $235,000.

• Bank of New York Mellon, to Vickey Blaisdell, Lots, Town of Farmville. $92,000.

• Longwood University Foundation, to The Visitors of Longwood University, .378 Ac. Town of Farmville. $1,080,000.

• Leonard F. Picotte, Tr., to Leonard F. Picotte, 84.5 Ac. Prospect District. Gift Deed.

• Gary L. Tanner, to Kirk B. Faulkner, 2.08 Ac. Hampden District. $85,000.

• Paul William Schember Jr., to Norris W. Ramsey, 2.77 Ac. Farmville District. $265,000.

• James Hargwood, to Donald L. Hunter, Lot, Town of Farmville. $60,000.

• Robert J. Kortas Sr., to Albert C. Miller, 8.47 Ac. Town of Farmville. $75,000.