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Prince Edward Arrest Report

June 5

• Rueben Earl Shepherd, 49, of Charlotte, charged with felonious assault and two counts of assault and battery.

June 6

• Tremaine Lamont Wright, 33, of Pamplin, charged with assault and battery of a family member.

Steven Wayne Johnson, 32, of Pamplin, charged with grand larceny and breaking and entering with intent to commit felony.

June 7

Christopher David Powell, 39, of Prospect, charged with four counts of selling wild game.

June 8

Thomas Styles, 45, of Pamplin, charged with contempt of court.

June 9

Mark Edward Williams, 33, of Prospect, charged with felonious assault and abduction and kidnapping.

June 11

Demond Terrell Sheff, 31, of Amelia, charged with driving under influence.

• Anthony Armondo Gonzalez, 54, of Meherrin, charged with issuing bad checks, less than $200.

James Michael Thompson, 21, of Rice, charged with two counts of failure to appear for traffic summons, sale-distribute marijuana and manuf-sale-possession controlled substance.