One arrested for passing fake money

Published 4:11 pm Thursday, June 29, 2017

A 27-year-old Buckingham County man is charged in connection with a rash of counterfeit $100 bills being passed throughout the county.

Bobby Charles Anderson

The news of the arrest comes as Sheriff William G. “Billy” Kidd Jr. warns of newly-reported counterfeit $50 bills being passed.

Bobby Charles Anderson is charged with uttering or attempt to employ a false bill, stealing a firearm and obtaining a firearm by false pretenses.

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Kidd described the first charge as “passing counterfeit money.” He said Anderson allegedly used the phony money to purchase a firearm.

“He used three of (the $100 bills) to buy a pistol … We’ve recovered the pistol,” Kidd said.

Earlier this month, Kidd warned that police were investigating “the passing and attempted passing of counterfeit $100 bills” at several area businesses involving “one transaction with a private citizen.”

According to an earlier press release from the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office, the bills in question were “extremely good reproductions” and upon close inspection are marked with the words “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY,” according to the release.

Now that $50 counterfeit bills are reportedly being passed, Kidd is issuing a new warning.

“If you’re running a business, make sure you check it with those little pens,” Kidd said, adding that if individuals accept cash, they should examine the bills closely.

The most recent reports of the fake $50 bills were at Bryant’s Store near New Canton and Duck’s Corner, west of Buckingham Court House.

“Apparently you can go online and buy these things for a nominal fee,” Kidd said of the counterfeit money.

“Businesses and citizens should be on the lookout for anyone attempting to pass these bills. Please contact the Buckingham Sheriff’s Office with any information,” officials said.