Is rural Virginia ‘insignificant?’

Published 10:44 am Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Do you wonder if we, in rural Virginia, are merely seen as insignificant?

When considering the difficulty, if not inability, of residents to get internet access and reliable cell phone reception, one must wonder why this persists.

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Research has uncovered data on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) revealing that the “minimum yield strength” of the pipe would be 25 percent less than what more populated areas would receive, and the shut-off valves, which would be essential in the event of an emergency, would be seven times further apart here.

Nearly all of the rural counties on the proposed ACP route voted for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello, who supported the development of solar and alternative energy instead of fossil fuel expansion.

Ralph Northam, who supports the ACP and receives contributions from Dominion, won by carrying the more populated counties, most of which will not be directly impacted by the ACP.

And finally, all Virginians are restricted by Dillon’s Rule in our ability to have authority over our local governments unless the state permits it.

This is explained as being similar to the relationship of a parent to a child. Might we sometimes know better than someone in Richmond about some factors involving our local welfare?

Kenda Hanuman