‘Behavior is truly un-American’

Published 5:38 pm Thursday, June 29, 2017

Americans, it is apparent our America has changed. We used to have respect for our country, our flag, the office of the president and our loyal citizens, but now we are a divided country full of anger, bitterness, hate and discord. 

This behavior is truly un-American.

As American citizens, we can no longer allow the influences of disrespect, dishonesty, negativism, bitterness and hatred disguise itself as unity regardless if it comes from the left or right. 

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This behavior is damaging to America and we cannot afford to look pathetic, weak or divided on the world stage another minute.

Because of this division professional athletes, entertainers, college professors, CEOs and news media outlets are behaving badly.   

Unfortunately, these individuals use their platforms to divide instead of unify. 

The American people must insist that our elected government officials no longer participate in their own agendas for political gain but serve for the betterment of our country.   

Every citizen needs to be active, alert and engaged starting now and voice our concerns respectfully and hold all who go against our American morals and values accountable.

Our forefathers proclaimed, “united we stand, divided we fall,” and we are at a crossroads. 

Do we continue down this path of division until all is lost, or unite and become one nation under God, standing tall, strong, brave and prosperous?

We have allowed the enemy of division to remain in our camp too long and to take our citizens hostage. 

The enemy is not each other but the division created by our selfishness. 

To start the change to heal this divide, we must work together toward the common good of our country to become a unified, resourceful, courageous and strong nation.  It’s time to begin this open dialogue with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, religious leaders, community leaders and officials.

We must be respectful to one another, to opposing views, loyal to our country, honor our grand ol’ flag and respect the office of the president, to help each other remain honest, help our brother or sister should they stumble and to seek justice for all.

So stand with me, show your American pride, wear the true colors of who we really are: the red, white and blue — the colors of our great flag.   

Pray daily for our country, our president, vice president, government officials, military, law enforcement, teachers and citizens. 

Start talking, listening, respecting and helping one another, and show that before we are affiliated with any party we are proud Americans.

May God bless America!

Sherry Massaro lives in Farmville. Her email address is smassaro.p374@gmail.com.