Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office activity report

Published 9:34 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

Total calls received: 278

Calls handled by dispatch: 59

Civil papers served: 294

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Criminal papers served: 210

Transports of mental patients and prisoners: 5

Traffic stops: 47

May 8

• Disabled vehicle on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Report only on Oak Street.

• Attempt to locate on West Third Street.

• Rescue call on West Third Street.

• Assistance needed on Price Lane.

• Report only on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Elam Drive.

• Accident on West Dowdy’s Corner.

• Disabled vehicle on Bloomfield Road.

• Disturbance on Abilene Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Bloomfield Lane.

• Disturbance on Abilene Road.

• Disabled vehicle on College Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Dry Bridge Road.

• Missing person on Saylers Hill Drive.

• Attempt to locate on Prospect Road.

• Hang-up call on Davis Court.

• Assistance needed on Aspen Hill Road.

• Domestic on Mt. Mariah Road.

May 9

• Trespassing on Douglas Church Road.

• Assistance needed on Green Bay Road.

• Fire on Miller Lake Road.

• Fraud on Cheatham Road.

• Burglar alarm on Meadowview Road.

• Animal control requested on Olive Branch Road.

• Report only on Kingsville Road.

• Requesting Social Services on Ridge Drive.

• Transport on Industrial Park Road.

• Assault on Miller Lake Road.

• Assistance needed on Pamplin Road.

• Transport to Industrial Park Road.

• Accident on Commerce Road.

• Report only on Route 15 South

• Tree in road on Route 460 West.

• Accident at routes 460 and 307.

• Controlled burn on Farmville Road.

• Assistance needed on Milnwood Lane.

• Prescription drugs stolen on Hatcher Court.

• Animal control requested on Glascock Road.

• Stolen gun on Allen Farm Road.

• Protective order service on Miller Lake Road.

• Burglar alarm on Copper Hill Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Meherrin Road.

May 10

• Burglar alarm on Sheppard’s Road.

• Vehicle pursuit on Old Kings Highway.

• Assistance needed on R.R. Eppes Road.

• Transport to Industrial Park Road.

• Threatening phone calls on East Third Street.

• Accident at Route 460 and Simpson Road.

• Requesting VDOT on Persimmon Tree Fork Road.

• Warrant service on Pond Drive.

• Assault on Eagle Drive.

• Report on Briery Road.

• Accident on Route 460.

• Disabled vehicle on Farmville Lake Road.

• Assistance needed on Gully Tavern Road.

• Assist motorist on Route 460 Ramp.

May 11

• Suspicious subject on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Writ of possession on Vernon Street.

• Suspicious subject on Germantown Road.

• Shots fired on Holiday Hills Drive.

• Animal control requested on Abilene Road.

• Assault on Route 15 North Exit.

• Report only on Prince Edward Highway.

• Rescue call on Bethlehem Road.

• Protective order service on Industrial Park Road.

• Hang-up call on Evans Drive.

May 12

• Rescue Call on Commerce Street.

• Hang up call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Accident on Prince Edward Highway.

• Debris on highway on South Farmville Road.

• Protective order service on Milnwood Lane.

• Vehicle repossession on Pinewood Drive.

• Warrant service on Morris Creek Road.

• Suspicious subject on Redd Shop Road.

• Rescue call on Zion Hill Road.

• Rescue call on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Vehicle unlock on Commerce Road.

• Warrant service on Junction Canal Road.

• Burglar alarm on Allen Farm Road.

• Rescue call on Miller Lake Road.

• Accident on Holly Farms Road.

• Dispute on Vista Drive.

• Assistance needed on South Farmville Road.

May 13

• Suspicious subject on Prince Edward Highway.

• Domestic on Meherrin Road.

• Hang-up call on Abilene Road.

• Fraud on Sunrise Lane.

• Scam on Green Bay Road.

• Breaking and entering on First Rock Road.

• Hang-up call on Indian Spring Road.

• Report only on Lockett Road.

• Reckless driving on Prospect Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Briery Road.

• Warrant service on Pond Drive.

• Loud noise on Tuggle Road.

• Dispute on Giles Road.

• Assistance needed on Ashley Estates Drive.

May 14

• Suspicious subject on West Third Street.

• Accident involving Deer on Farmville Road.

• Burglar alarm on Brook Street.

• Hang up call on Carson Mills Drive.

• Accident on Farmville Road.

• Accident on South Farmville Road.

• Suspicious subject on Prince Edward Highway.

• Attempt to locate on Farmville Road.

• Problem with subject on West Third Street.

• Accident on Green Bay Road.

• Accident involving animal on Harris Creek Road.

• Accident on Farmville Road.

May 15

• Disabled vehicle on Prospect Road.

• Welfare check on West Third Street.

• Rescue call on Eagle Drive.

• Theft on Prince Edward Highway.

• Rescue call on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Rescue call on Pineview Road.

• Protective order service on Industrial Park Road.

• Welfare check on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Vehicle unlock at the Office.

• Suspicious incident on Farmville Road.

• Suspicious incident on Piney Grove Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Route 307.

May 16

• Accident on Abilene Road.

• Rescue call on Mt. Moriah Road.

• Domestic on Bush Chase.

• Rescue call on Holiday Hills Drive.

• Reckless driving on Prince Edward Highway.

• Domestic on Dry Bridge Road.

May 17

• Rescue call on Lindsay Road.

• Rescue call on Simpson Road.

• Welfare check on Saunders Lane.

• Rescue call on Briery Road.

• Rescue call on Tuggle Road.

• Transport on Industrial Park Road.

• Theft on Briery Road.

• Burglar alarm on Brooklyn Plantation Road.

• Protective order service on Lakewood Drive.

• Assistance needed on Meherrin Road.

• Assault on Mountain Creek Road.

• Warrant service on Ole Briery Station Road.

• Report only on Free State Road.

• Fraud on Redd Shop Road.