Cumberland County court dispositions

Published 9:27 am Thursday, May 11, 2017

April 6

• Kristen Lee Hamby, of Cumberland, assault, dismissed.

• Mary J. Trent, of Cumberland, assault, dismissed.

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• Robert Junior Goff, of Cumberland, assault, guilty, 90 days jail suspended, fines.

April 10

• Quashawn J. Boatwright, of Richmond, grand larceny greater than $200 not from person, guilty, five years, three years six months suspended, two years supervised probation; abduct by force/intimidation, nolle prosequi (not prosecuted); destruct property with intent greater than $1000, guilty, five years suspended, two years supervised probation; use firearm in felony first offense, nolle prosequi.

• Samantha Joe Boyles, of Dillwyn, violation probation, guilty, five years suspended, one year supervised probation.

April 13

• Shai-Yaun Jamiarik Austin, of Cumberland, bailee violation rel/pretrial condition, nolle prosequi.

• Timothy J. Redman, of West Point, possession of marijuana, guilty, 30 days jail suspended, six months restricted license, fines; fail to comply, dismissed.

• De’onte S. Blanton, of Farmville, possession of marijuana, guilty, six months suspended license; fail to comply, dismissed.

• Derek Franklin, petit larceny less than $200 not from person, not guilty; profane language over public airway, not guilty.

• David Graeme Wills, of Farmville, DWI, guilty, 90 days jail suspended, 12 months supervised probation, 12 months suspended license, fines.

April 14

• Laysean Lamont Hearns, of Cumberland, abusive language to another, guilty, fines.

April 26

• Carlos Stevenson Chambers, of Dillwyn, enter structure to commit A&B, etc. guilty, fines; grand larceny greater than $200 not from person, guilty, 12 months.

• Robert Joseph Messarge, of Farmville, disregard officers signal, guilty, fines; obstruct justice without force, nolle prosequi.

April 27

• Jimmy Lee Cagle, of Cumberland, highway/private property: dump trash, dismissed.

• Raymond Paul Turner III, of Cumberland, assault, dismissed.