Candidates yet to file for school board

Published 12:09 pm Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Q: Has anyone filed to run for school board in Prince Edward County? When is the filing deadline?

No one has filed to run in the first school board election in Prince Edward County — set to take place Nov. 4 — according to County Registrar Lynette Wright.

The deadline to file is June 13 at 7 p.m. — less than 13 business days from Wednesday, May 24.

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Wright said those seeking candidacy must be qualified to vote and hold office, must have been a resident of Virginia for at least one year immediately preceding the election and a resident of Prince Edward County by the time of filing.

Wright said many people have picked up packets for candidacy.

“There’s no party affiliation,” Wright said of those seeking to be on the school board. “A person can be supported by a party but they can’t be a Democrat or Republican or anything like that. All of them are independents as far as that’s concerned.”

She said prospective candidates have to file four forms, including a certificate of candidate qualifications, the declaration of candidacy, a statement of economic interest and a petition of at least 125 qualified voters.

“The information, the forms are online so people can literally go print them and do them and nobody will ever know until they start circulating petitions or file with me,” Wright said.

She said she didn’t know if there was as much interest in an elected school board as originally thought.

“I think it’s shocked a lot of people that it’s this much involved,” Wright said of the needed filings and paperwork to run for office.

She said the four districts up for election for school board are the same that will be up for election for the board of supervisors.

“The other four are going to continue until those districts are up for election next time,” Wright said.

The election follows a referendum that was on the Nov. 2016 ballot due to the efforts of a small group of county citizens who obtained the needed amount of petition signatures for the referendum to be considered.

The referendum to elect school board members rather than having them appointed by the board of supervisors passed with 76.28 percent of the 8,350 voters choosing “Yes,” and the remaining 23.72 percent of voters choosing “No.”

School Board Chairman Sherry Honeycutt said she was unsure of whether or not she’ll seek election to the board.

Prospect District Representative Darin Thomas said he will not seek election.

“It was truly an honor to serve,” Thomas said.

Leigh District School Board Member Dr. Timothy Corbett Sr., who says he intends to run, said he hadn’t finished the legwork yet.

Buffalo District Representative Dr. Wilkie Chaffin said he wouldn’t seek election, citing his elected position with the Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District.