Buckingham County property transfers

Published 9:33 am Thursday, May 4, 2017

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of March.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Roland E. Baskett Sr, et ux, to Roland E. Baskett Sr, et al, 109.16 Ac. Maysville, Gift Deed.

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• Maurice L. Baughn, et al, to Crist B. Stoltzfus, et al, 11.03 Ac., Curdsville District. $245,000.

• Charles W. Benhoff, to John Nissen, et al, 16 ¾ Ac., Maysville District. $48,000.

• Charles W. Benhoff, to Shukrullah Shirzad, 2 Ac., Maysville District, $10,000.

• Blue Sky Development & Acquisi, to Farmville Farms LLC C/O Harper, 50.15 Ac., 267.5 Ac., Francisco District. Gift Deed.

• Thomas W. Chalfant, Tr, et al, to Charles R. Applegate, 4.74 Ac. Curdsville District. $20,000.

• Barrie T. Cryan, et al, Joseph S. Kauffman, et al, 7.74 and 15.38 Ac., Francisco District. $297,250.

• Ashley M. Davis, to Allen Edward Repinskie, 1 Ac., James River District. Gift Deed.

• Phyllis D. Dykes, to US Bank National Association, 1.198 Ac., James River District. $56,110.49.

• William W. Falls, Thoams D. Johnson, .94 Ac., Curdsville, Town of Dillwyn. $70,000.

• Hampton Limited Partnership, E, to Curtis Dixon Colgate, et al, 86.87 Ac. & 158.12 Ac., Marshall District. Gift Deed.

• Joseph Lee Jamerson, et al, to Richard A. Seay, 0.337 Ac., James River. $500.

• Ashby E. Johnson, Jr, et ux, to Jaime Sue Perry. $87,700.

• Murl Johnson, to Lawrence V. Mcdonough, Jr, et al, 39.04 Ac., Marshall District. $65,000.

• Shelton T. Johnson, et al, to Richard A. Kinswell, et ux, 2.45 Ac., Curdsville District. $90,000.

• B. Linwood Jones, et ux, to Richard L. Shepherd, 7.05 Ac., Marhsall District, $17,625.

• Karen A. Mackey, to George A. Pankey, et ux, 10 Ac., Marshall District. $8,000.

• Ellen Vassiliou Mamanddras, et, to Ellen Vasiliou Mamandras, et, 32.24 Ac., 24.27 Ac. 8 Ac, & 32.30 Ac., Francisco District. Gift Deed.

• John A. Martin, to John A. Martin, et us, 11 Ac., Curdsville District, Gift Deed.

• Lazarus Mosley, et al,  to Samuel G Spangler III, 1 Ac., Slate River District. $9,500.

• Dorothy P. Seay, et al, to Farmville Area Habitat for Hum, 0.268 Ac., Curdsville District, $10,400.

• Gloria F. Seay, et al, to Susan Marie Simon, et vir, 6.98 Ac., Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

• Ervin D. Shumaker, et ux, to Barry L. Howe, et ux, 5.18 Ac., Curdsville District. $303,000.

• Gladys Mae Lee Stanton, to James M. Glover, 1 Ac. Marshall District. $10,000.

• Nicaolas Mills Sutton III, et, to Jason W. Vaughn, et al, 5 Ac., James River District. Gift Deed.

• Benjamin David Swiney, et al, to Christopher Dye, et al, 20.05 Ac. James River District. $60,000.

• Robert E. Taylor, Tr, et al, to Christopher L. Petersheim, et, 36.19 Ac., Curdsville District. $172,800.

• Throckmorton Properties LLC, to Gold Mine Investments LLC, 0.172 Ac., Town of Dillwyn. $10,000.

• David Tyson, et al, to Forest Blake Lipscomb, et al, Lot 9 Forest Ridge Subdivisions, Slate River District. $184,900.

• Samuel I. White, PC SUB TR, to Slate River Land and Timber LLC, 25.767 Ac., Maysville District. $69,000.

• Michael L. Whittaker, et al, to Michael L. Whittaker, et us, 11.79 Ac. Curdsville District. Gift Deed.

• Terri Atkins Wilson, et al, to Steven D. Rainey, 62.60 Ac. Francisco District. $140,000.