Nora Lancaster Garden club meeting held

Published 2:19 pm Thursday, March 9, 2017

“Color — The Most Compelling Element of Design” was the program presented to the Nora Lancaster Garden Club in February.

Helen Smith, the speaker during the meeting, received her Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University in home economics and her masters of science from Virginia Tech.

“Her career was with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service as an extension agent for home economics and 4-H,” club leaders said in a press release. “She remains on the speaker’s bureau. Helen referred to flower arranging following the same principles as other art form such as landscape design, interior design, architecture and art. The difference is that the flowers are the medium; the plant material is the art medium. She calls attention to the color naturally existing in flowers, foliage, containers and accessories.”

Smith offered tips on arrangements.

“When making an arrangement, color can create rhythm, line and harmony. Warm, stimulating colors are yellow, orange, red; light colors and pastels, white and intense hues. Cool receding colors are blue, green and violet, which do not attract and hold attention along with the darker, grayed or dull chromas. Using a color wheel can aid with color schemes. The colors and textures of the plant material should be compatible and coordinate with the container. Design is the plan that brings order to the art medium. Contrast creates interest. Graduation of the size of buds creates rhythm. Let the stems dictate the lines. Place some flowers to the side to create depth. Cover the edge of the container with flowers and foliage at varying heights and finish off the back. Vertical lines are uplifting and horizontal lines are resting.”

According to club leaders, Smith recommends keeping the arrangement airy, light and natural looking.

Awards for artistic exhibit arrangements included Rebecca Kelly, blue; Tricia Crute, blue; Barbara Smith, red; Helen Smith, red; and Jane Crute, yellow. Awards for horticulture exhibits included Rebecca Kelly, three blue; Helen Smith, two blue; Barbara Smith, two blue and one red; Jane Clark, five  blue, one red and two yellow; and Brenda Puryear, two red.