Maxey & Associates is moving

Published 6:07 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What’s being built at the intersection of East Third and Vaughn streets in Farmville?

The construction of a building at the intersection of East Third and Vaughan streets is due to Maxey & Associates, P.C. (M&A) moving to that location.

The firm, which has always been located in Prince Edward County, has operated out of a building at 161 Bush River Drive since 2003.

Owner Rob Maxey noted a key reason M&A is making the move is to save money for both itself and its clients by working in a smaller space, a downsizing made possible by the advance of technology related to information storage.

“We’re able to do more with less,” he said. “We just didn’t need all the square footage.”

He said the firm has almost 70 four-drawer file cabinets at its Bush River Drive location. It has 32 flat file cabinets that can hold 24 inch by 36 inch drawings, and the firm has had these cabinets for the past 38 years, housing copies and records.

“Everything’s going digital now, so we’re not needing all of that,” Maxey said. “So, we’re hoping to get down there and downsize and archive all the stuff and be a whole lot more cost effective for our clients and for us, too.”

He also cited his age and health as factors motivating the move.

Maxey said the deal bringing M&A to the new location was established November.

Town Manager Gerald Spates noted the firm sold its Bush River Drive property to Crossroads Community Services Board, which is adjacent to the sold property in the Bush River Drive complex.

In 1987, “the firm was where Crossroads is … in that building,” Maxey said. “So, we’ve been out here in the Bush River Drive complex since 1987.”

As M&A’s website states, the firm has been established since 1963, and it provides land surveying, civil engineering, planning and consulting services in Virginia and North Carolina for land owners, realtors, educational institutions, single- and multi-family residential developers, industrial and commercial developers and municipalities.

“We have done business with Maxey & Associates in the past and have had great experiences with them,” Spates said. “It will be nice to have them located within the town.”

Maxey said, “We are really excited about getting closer to Farmville, bringing our staff, and we’re excited about downsizing.”

He assured that the downsizing is only a reference to space and will not affect the size of the staff, which has held steady at eight employees for a couple of years now. He highlighted this faithful group of people while describing what M&A would be bringing to its new location.

“They have an average of 24 years with this company,” he said. “So, eight times 24 is 192 years of experience.”

Maxey noted the primary benefit clients would experience as a result of the firm moving to the new location is easy access to M&A’s services.

“We work for attorneys, we work for developers, people come by and pick up stuff, people come by to pick up products, maps and so forth, and we’re going to be right there for them,” he said.

Spates said, “We are always happy when new businesses move into the town, as we are on this occasion. Having Maxey & Associates in town will be a great addition to what Farmville has to offer in terms of businesses and services.”

Maxey said M&A is trying to get into the new location by the end of April.