Annual Tire Day unites community

Published 12:53 pm Thursday, March 30, 2017

Each year, members of Buckingham County know exactly where to go to dispose of tires they own or find on the side of the road. They come to drop off the tires and join the small community that meets there.

This year’s annual county-sponsored Tire Day will take place Saturday, April 22, 7 a.m.-noon at Old Dillwyn Primary School on U.S. Route 15.

Lyn Hill, the county’s solid waste supervisor, said he anticipates a good crowd.

Most years, the event concludes with two tractor-trailers filled with tires, averaging 2,100 to 2,200 tires, Hill said. 

“We’ve always had big turnouts for those,” Hill said of the Tire Day events.

Lyn Hill

Organizers allow up to 25 tires. In order to recycle the tires, people need their Buckingham vehicle stickers verifying their residence in the county. Businesses are not permitted to bring tires, and tires cannot contain rims, or come from tractor-trailers, commercial trailers or equipment vehicles.

Hill says the event has an environmental impact. He notices fewer tires on the side of the road and says there are about eight people who regularly participate who do not bring their own tires, but collect tires that they find on the sides of the road.

The event allows people to recycle their tires free of charge.

This event is associated with the county’s Anti-Litter Task Force, created in 1979 to address a growing issue with trash and littering in the county, according to the county website.