Whaley speaks to club on arrangements

Published 8:45 pm Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Nora Lancaster Garden Club met at the Farmville-Prince Edward Library on Jan. 17. David Whaley, director of design, publication and visual arts of Longwood University presented the program, “Creating a Creative Line Arrangement.”

Whaley’s presentation included multiple demonstrations of line arrangements. He explained that creative line arrangements are boldly dramatic and that they may have more than one focal point. Emphasis, he said, is on line, contrast of form and texture. Plant material is kept to a minimum. The choice of line is up to the arranger and the only criterion is that the design be predominantly line. Plant material and containers is up to the arranger. He said to let the beauty of the flowers and the line material prevail. Blue ribbons for exhibits went to Jane Clark, Jane Crute, Becky Kelly, Barbara Smith, Helen Smith and Martha Thompson. Blue ribbons for horticulture went to Jane Crute, Becky Kelly, Brenda Puryear and Barbara Smith.