Supervisors give planners raise in pay

Published 12:32 pm Thursday, February 16, 2017

County supervisors agreed Monday to give appointed members of the Buckingham Planning Commission a raise.

“There’s been some talk of updating the salary of the people on (the planning commission), and I’ve heard presently they’re getting $50,” District One Supervisor and Board Chairman R.C. “Bobby” Jones said.

Currently, planners get $50 per meeting, with a cap at two meetings per month, or $100 per month.

“It’s $50 a meeting, but it’s only granted for two meetings. So, if we had more than two meetings in a month, they wouldn’t be paid for that,” County Planning and Zoning Administrator Rebecca S. Cobb said.

She noted that planners currently have about three planned work sessions — meetings in addition to the standing monthly meetings — planned for 2017.

“Fifty dollars is not a whole lot of money,” Jones said.

District Three Supervisor Don Matthews proposed $75 per meeting, capping pay at $150 for two meetings.

“You can’t exceed two meetings,” Matthews said.

The motion to increase pay for planners drew support from everyone except District Seven Supervisor Danny Allen, who represents the board on the planning commission. He abstained.