Red Door 104 calls for submissions

Published 12:30 pm Thursday, February 16, 2017

Farmville’s Red Door 104 Gallery is seeking artists for its “Creative Prompt” art competition — open to all area artists, including writers, musicians and visual artists.

“My hope is that people will be intrigued by this competition and that they will feel encouraged to participate,” gallery owner Audrey Sullivan said.

The competition is two-part with written art being requested during the first submission period and corresponding visual art requested during the second period.

“Writers create pieces that focus on any subject matter,” according to a press release. “This original creative work can be a poem, short story or song.”

“Knowing that we live in a large community of academes, I’m taking a leap of faith that there will be writers or want-to-be-writers interested in participating,” Sullivan said.

Audrey Sullivan

Audrey Sullivan

She wants to offer a venue for artists to show a variety of work.

Following the review of written entries, each visual artist entered will receive a randomly selected work to be illustrated.

“My hope is that they appreciate a good challenge and be willing to step out of their comfort zone to create something they may have never thought of,” said Sullivan.

“The creative writer/artist pairing will remain unknown to all participants until the show’s reception,” according to the release.

“Many years ago, I participated in a similar competition as an artist,” said Sullivan. “I’ve entered my work in many gallery shows over the years, but this one in particular always stuck with me as one of my fondest challenges.”

She said she hopes to recreate the concept for artists and writers in Farmville.

For requirements and to submit an entry, visit and select the “Creative Prompt” competition. Entry fees can be paid when users select the “add to cart” option and complete the entry form.

Written submissions will be accepted between March 1 and March 25 and given to visual artists by April 1.

Artists must pre-enter and pay the $25 entry fee prior to March 24 to be assigned a story.

Art entries will be accepted between April 3 and April 29.

Light refreshments will be served.