Division set to adopt new tobacco policy

Published 1:01 pm Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Cumberland County School Board is set to adopt a new tobacco-free policy next month — one that applies to visitors of the schools.

The policy, referred to as the 24/7 Tobacco-Free School Campus Campaign, has already been implemented in 26 localities in Virginia. Cumberland will be the first in Central Virginia.

Division Superintendent Dr. Amy Griffin said the schools are excited about joining the campaign.

Dr. Amy Griffin

Dr. Amy Griffin

“Cumberland County Public Schools has been a tobacco-free campus for a decade, however, specific policies addressing varying tobacco use with all stakeholders were added in 2014,” Griffin said. “We recognize that ‘the use of tobacco products is a health, safety’ and environmental hazard and that adults serve as role models for our students.”

Crossroads Community Services Board Prevention Specialist Nicole Hill said for Cumberland County Public Schools, implementing the 24/7 campaign, if anything, was a change of language in the already existing policy. The policy will include not only staff and students, but visitors.

“This is not only for school hours, but 24/7. That includes all sporting events, camps that may be held there on the weekends, any other fundraisers or promotional events like that,” Hill said. “So this tobacco-free policy applies to the school grounds at all times of every single day whether the school is open or closed.”

Hill said the policy includes e-cigs and vaping devices.