Scholastic team dominates

Published 11:51 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Prince Edward County High School scholastic bowl team has made strides during its matches this year, boasting an 11-1 record so far this year.

During its most recent match on Nov. 21, scholastic bowl members dominated the Cumberland County and Lunenburg Central high school teams, with scores of 255-60 and 250-65, respectively.

The Eagles’ core team scorers are Laura Bisaillon, Henry Lutz, Kait Hosmer and Tiba Hamza, said Coach Gary Lutz.

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“Michaela Deppen, Rachel Kinzer and Tiffany Smith are starting to substitute into matches to make contributions and to gain experience for future matches,” Coach Lutz added.

The team consists of seven members. Bisaillon, a junior, and senior Henry Lutz are this year’s two captains. Hosmer is a returning junior. The remaining teammates are newcomers: Deppen is a senior; Kinzer, a sophomore; and Hamza and Smith are freshmen.

The team’s success, Coach Lutz said, is based on “several highly motivated players that read and investigate material on their own.”

He said being a part of the scholastic bowl team is a valuable experience for the students for several reasons. Not only is it very competitive, but it also builds the students’ self-confidence.

During competitions, teams answer questions on a variety of subjects, including popular culture, politics, science and math. The matches are two-part with two “toss up” rounds where players answer questions by buzzing and a final round where teams are given a certain amount of time to provide an answer to a question.

Prince Edward’s season is coming to a close shortly. The next match will take place on Monday at Randolph-Henry High School against Randolph-Henry and Buckingham high schools.

In order to prepare for the competitions they practice matches with old released questions and players read through packets of old questions on their own.

Coach Lutz said he is “very impressed with the depth of the team.” He previously said each team member brings knowledge of a wide variety of topics and the teammates work well together.