Get involved in the community

Published 11:29 am Thursday, December 1, 2016


The Farmville community is a beautiful place; that is, if you get to know the people in the surrounding area.

Being Longwood students, we often forget the community we live in and tend to live in the Longwood “bubble.”

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I have the pleasure of working with adolescents at the YMCA in town through which I grew to absolutely love the community. Working at the YMCA, I am able gain insight on the children in the area, the young minds and see each one of their personalities and how they learn.

It was clear that some children were more advanced than others and some needed a little extra love or food at lunchtime.

I am writing this not to express concern, but for students to read and realize getting involved in the community your university sits right in the middle of is key of gaining the whole experience of being enrolled at Longwood. I learned to live life in the moment and cherish every hug goodbye from the kids.

I will graduate and not only miss Longwood, but the community as well.

Get involved, go to FACES, volunteer at the school, get a job in the community and, most important, get to know the lives outside of the university.

I promise it will change your life.

Tierra M. Webster

Longwood University

Class of 2017