We need to give Trump a chance

Published 12:15 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump has always intrigued me. I have always admired Trump as a businessman. His business savvy is undeniable, but because we have such different opinions on many issues, I did not support him in his run for the presidency.

However, since he has been elected, I feel we should give him a chance.

I hope and pray Trump the president will be somewhat different from what the nation witnessed during his rise to Republican frontrunner and eventually president-elect. Some politicians believe in the political doctrine that in order to get elected, a candidate must appeal to voters outside the mainstream.

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This “outside the box” thinking has helped candidates over the years become elected despite what others believed were insurmountable odds.

Trump realized that the path for him to get elected would be to rally these non-mainstream voters and the millions of others who felt left out of the system.

These voters who believed that their views often fell on deaf ears found Trump appealing due to the fiery and controversial rhetoric that spewed from his mouth during his campaign.

The undeniable rift among Americans came to light and the disenfranchised right-wing found their hero in Trump.

I, along with millions of others, awoke in disbelief Nov. 9 to the reality that Trump had actually pulled off one of the greatest political upsets in American history.

Although we are on different ends of the political spectrum, I feel Trump should be given the opportunity to govern.

I understand and respect an individual’s right to have peaceful protest, but at this point such protest will not change the results of the election.

As President Obama stated at numerous rallies across America, “Booing Trump won’t stop anything — Get out and Vote!”

A large segment of American voters didn’t heed his advice and this allowed Trump to gain office.

Given an opportunity to speak to Trump protesters, I would advise them to organize and be ready in four years to produce a viable candidate to run against Trump.

I feel at this point, protesters would be better served by requesting a meeting with President-elect Trump and hashing out some pressing concerns of those they represent.

I do feel President Trump will make some adjustments in his platform because he will need the support of Congress to accomplish most things.

I know he said “I alone can fix America’s problems” and “I know more than the generals,” but we know that was campaign spiel.

However, I also know and understand he will have to dance with some of those he brought to the dance.

At this point, we all need to do what we can to continue to make America the greatest democracy in the world. I hope peace, goodwill and understanding will prevail.

Carl U. Eggleston is the owner of Carl U. Eggleston Funeral Establishment and is a former member of Farmville Town Council. His email address is carlueggleston@gmail.com.