Vote ‘no’ on ‘right to work’

Published 1:30 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2016


On Nov. 8, we will be asked to move a law we already have making Virginia a right-to-work state on to our state’s constitution. Why do we need to do this? Is it to make it harder for us to join or form unions?

Many historians think the origin of the term “redneck” is because the striking miners in West Virginia in the 1920s wore red bandanas around their necks to show solidarity. Some died fighting for the right to form unions and improve their lives. If you look back in U.S. history at when the middle class was at its strongest, you see unions also had their greatest membership at that time. Is this a coincidence?

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In honor of the rednecks of yesteryear, I will vote “no” on this amendment. I will keep our right-to-work laws as they are. In general: If it isn’t broken, I don’t need to fix it. “No,” on changing our state’s constitution.

Sandy Bruton