Support is nothing to applaud

Published 2:27 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2016


While a Nov. 23 headline announced many applaud Gov. Terry McAuliffe (“McAuliffe applauded on ACP”), those of us who own land and businesses and live in the path of the ACP (Atlantic Coast Pipeline) and MVP (Mountain Valley Pipeline) cannot.

Many have sought to discuss its impact with the governor. I know of no one who has been granted his ear. Early on, the governor encouraged the use of broadband fiber to monitor the infrastructure. The ACP promised its use at the initial open house. However, now the company plans to use extremely unreliable cellular monitoring even for the Buckingham compressor station, which is not far from the fiber available in Buckingham Court House. 

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Those in the paths of the pipelines believe Gov. McAuliffe has the authority and obligation to assure that laws related to air and water pollution and safety are strictly enforced. However, he has not shown any concern for our communities or us. He’s actively avoiding those citizens who seek to discuss the issues while touting regular communication with the industry. That’s nothing to applaud.

While I currently live and work in Montgomery County, where the MVP will pass within a couple of miles and within about 5 miles of its compressor station, my family has owned and operated Mt. Rush Farm for more than 100 years. My husband manages the farm. Our goal has been to pass a sustainable business to the next generation. ACP plans to bisect our property, placing most of our homes and business buildings within the blast zone and it will be just 4 miles after the compressor station.

Irene Ellis Leech

Mt. Rush Farm

Buckingham County